At Honest Install, we are a local Dallas/Ft. Worth company that provides home entertainment installations, smart automation technology, commercial A/V, digital signage, security & CCTV, one-remote fixes, and custom in-house fabrication for a bespoke home theater.

Founded in 2007, we passed along any price-cutting costs we got, we treated every job like it was worth a million dollars, we spent the time to follow up for any questions. And while we have certainly grown since then, our ethos and practices have not changed a lick.

We are not a big-box store or a large franchise who will quote you one figure and bill you for another, who sees you only as a dollar sign, and who won’t touch the hard stuff without same old, tired sleight-of-hand. Without the dedication and heart that drives Honest Install, you’d be left with any number of these grey franchises or custom-installers. We respect what they do, but not as much–how they do it.

We are a company that grew out of a love for cutting-edge technology, solution-storming, and a keen interest in people. We like to think of ourselves first as populist, and then as innovators. This means we will spend as much time as is needed to get all our customers exactly what they want and need–anytime and anywhere. It means our technicians are top experts in the field, trained by our own rigorous standards, which include a course in congenial customer service, custom design and engineering, and attention to every installation detail.

We do not quit in the face of a challenge, it only motivates us to go an extra hundred miles. It means we’re self-reliant, but not insular. Experts, but not elitists. Affordable, but never cheap.