Honest Install Customer Spotlight: Scott Birnbaum

By: Michael Manouel Jr., Social Media

Scott Birnbaum, Alumnus of The University of Texas at Dallas and Valued Honest Install Customer, Makes The News

Scott Birnbaum, of Recycled Textiles Co.
Scott Birnbaum, of Recycled Textiles Co.

In a recent UTD profile entitled “Finding Value in the Trash of Others Fuels Alumnus’ Business”, Mr. Birnbaum’s recycling company, Reclaimed Textiles Co., is true to the article’s headline by salvaging unsold clothing donated to charities into a usable product that doesn’t get stuck in landfills or thrown away carelessly.

Reclaimed Textiles Co. facility
Reclaimed Textiles Co.

Called “Royal Rags,” the end product is a box of that same old clothing meticulously inspected, sorted, and cut into rags which are then sold to anyone needing to clean up a mess, but usually to companies in the painting, janitorial, and oil & gas industries.

Reclaimed Textiles box press production
Reclaimed Textiles Box Press Production

The Dallas-based manufacturing company recycles some four million pounds of “trash” any given month. Any collectible items that may have fallen through the cracks are packaged and sold on eBay in their 150,000 square foot facility. And in turn, through his company, Mr. Birnbaum is able to contribute back to charities and non-profit organizations throughout the nation.

Reclaimed Textiles Distribution Center finished goods
Reclaimed Textiles Distribution Center For Finished Goods

We are proud to call Mr. Birnbaum one of our clients. Honest Install has very much the same philosophy on green-recycling. We also have a program to divert old, unwanted electronics, which may be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly, from landfills and garbage dumps. We would like to wish Mr. Birnbaum the very best in all his future endeavors!


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Photo credit: www.reclaimedtextiles.com