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About Honest Install

A Real & Local Company

Though we're often mistaken for a national company or franchise chain, we're not. And we're glad this isn't the case for several key reasons:

In our industry, the level of quality and customer service cannot be measured by a company's size and, in fact, many of our larger competitors fail to deliver the kind of service customers expect. Why? Because most all national online companies (a.k.a. Internet Brokers) outsource 100% of their services to third party contractors, which places quality control solely in the hands of the independent contractors and not the companies you've entrusted with your project.

With respect to large brick-and-mortar retailers many have found their substantial size inhibits consistent and proper customer care. Quality is extremely difficult to enforce and this critical aspect of any service business suffers with decentralized management and bloated growth.

We're a real, local company that cares about your total satisfaction and it's engrained in our corporate culture�

Contracted Labor & Internet Brokers

Internet Brokers are online companies that require you to prepay 100% of your project cost then, after taking their cut, outsource the job to a third-party or even to individuals that the broker company has never met nor qualified.

How to spot them: Beware of companies that offer 'Nationwide Service', or boast to have 'Thousands of Pros' or flashy websites with toll free numbers � this often means you're dealing with what we call an 'Internet Broker' or nationwide call center whose fleet of marketers often read from scripts and have zero technical or install experience.

Often times, the person or team they send to your location could be an individual such as a freelance handyman, construction tradesman or even a hobbyist seeking additional income and may be up to three degrees removed from the broker company. Your project can be passed down from person to person until the compensation is so low for the contractor that quality workmanship can be compromised.

At Honest Install, we train and employ our own talented technicians, who are held to strict quality, safety and customer service standards.

Big-Box Stores

Retail giants or large chain stores offering installation services through a tech service division might seem appealing to consumers due to the convenience they appear to offer. You purchase your equipment then schedule installation in the same spot. Simple and easy, right? Unfortunately, not all installers are created equal:

Big-Box stores often advertise low, teaser pricing in order to entice consumers to purchase their services. What your not aware of, until the purchase has been completed or unless the fine print is read, is that often you're required to buy all cabling, the TV and mounting bracket (for TV Installation) from the retail store all at once to receive the advertised price. Don't want to purchase their overpriced cables? Then don't expect a warranty for your work. Weeks of delays and large arrival windows that hold you hostage in the middle of your workday are standard complaints we hear.

Another fine print example: Typically, most retailers will not handle electrical work such as the required electrical outlet placed behind a wall mounted TV or the ceiling outlet for a projector. Customers realize that they have been misled after they've purchased a service such as a 'wire concealment' when they're left with a power cord dangling outside the wall. The most common reply frustrated customers have revealed to us after dealing with this problem from a Big-Box store is, "Sorry, just call an electrician."

Their approach to customer service can only be defined as mass-call-center-service where you're herded through like cattle: "Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that", sound familiar? For inquiries, scheduling, modifying or rescheduling an installation as well as resolving issues post-install, expect to be funneled into a national or overseas call center.

At Honest Install you won't get lost in the call center shuffle, just real and live professional experts. We're fully insured and we provide our standard one year warranty with all installations preformed.

Yellow Glove� Protection

We are all familiar with the age old White Glove standard whereby a superior level of service is offered. We've taken this mentality and applied it to the products and accessories sold and installed by Honest:

30-Day Guarantee

Any consumer electronic products such as: TVs, projectors, receivers/ components, remotes, speakers and audio equipment all fall under our 30-day guarantee. If anything should go wrong with your equipment within the 30 days after installation we will take care of replacement with no hassle to you. That means no standing in line at the store, no need to ship defective product back to an online store, we bear the burden not you. If we installed it, we want it to work properly and for you to have only enjoyment not headache.

One-Year Warranty

All cabling/wiring, brackets/mounts and/or non-electronic product sold and installed by Honest is covered a one year guarantee. Honest also warrants our workmanship for one full year. Should any issue arise with your non-electronic product that is proved to be a defect of manufacturing and/or our labor we will take care of replacing or repairing it at no charge.

Take a look and see what others have to say and you'll understand why you should choose us as well. Contact us today. It's the best decision you'll make � Honestly.

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