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Elite TV: picture perfect hdtv, darkest, deepest black levels.Elite TV Large 60'' LED TV. Elite PRO-60x5fb. world's finest hdtv, thx 3d certified display, fourth yellow pixel, 60.03
X-Large Elite HDTV. Elite PRO-70x5fd. 69.5'' Diagonal, fourth yellow pixel, fully backlid led panel, thx 3d certified display, honest wall mounting installation
Elite tv and honest install

Honest Install is an Elite TV dealer offering sales and installation of Elite TVs. The current models offered are the 60"
Elite LED TV PRO-60X5FD and the 70" Elite LED TV PRO-70X5FD. Information on Elite TVs can be found by contacting
Honest Install at 972-470-3528 or on the Elite TV website at www.EliteLCDTV.com. Don't bother with the overpriced
Home Theater stores, choose Honest Install as you Elite TV Dealer. All Elite LCD TVs are THX, THX 3D Display and ISF
certified and come complete with 2 pair of 3D glasses. For Elite TV sales call: 972-470-3528.

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