Prewiring, the Smart Wire Concealmeant

By: Michael Manouel Jr., Social Media

Wire Concealment Means Thinking Ahead

Prewiring or wire concealment is a little thought-of service when designing your home theater. There are much more important decisions, like which flat screen to buy (Ultra HD or 4K?) or what projector and speaker combination would best complement your media room, right?

Projector Screen Media Room Dallas TX
Your Media Room Should Be A Comfortable Sanctuary, Choose What Most Embodies That To You — Home in Dallas, TX

But not all your electronics can be Wi-fi-enabled and most need a direct power source. Wire concealment can take the attention off ugly cords and place it on all the aspects of your media room design that you want to indulge in the most, like that new “floating” SONOS Playbar or your 16:9 perfect movie-theater-ratio projector screen.

Prewiring: the Smart Solution?

Low Voltage Prewire/Prewired/Prewiring Dallas Home Wire Concealment
Before You Build, Wire — House in Dallas, TX

Prewiring your Dallas, TX home for CAT5 or CAT6 or surround-sound speaker wire, along with electrical outlets strategically placed around your home can greatly reduce or totally eliminate the need for (sometimes just as unsightly) raceway to hide power cords. Prewiring can save on money, time, and critical decision-making energy when choosing every nut-and-bolt of your dream media room. Pick the fabric of the plushy, ultra-comfortable seats you’re installing for your guests and family instead of where to hide the projector cord!

Prewiring Wire Concealment Dallas, TX
Prewire: It’ll Save You More Than You Think — Residence in Dallas, TX

Whether you want a wired security and whole home automation system, just a way to display an HDTV flat screen without any visible cords, or prewire for surround sound, running the wires inside your pre-built Dallas, TX home can keep you in the knowledge that you can change up the arrangement of your devices on-the-fly and still have you set-up for the entire life of your home.

Low-Voltage Prewiring: The Power You Need at a Price You Can Stomach

Prewire Dallas, Texas / Prewiring a home in D/FW
Neatly Stowed Wires You Will Never See — Home in Dallas, TX

Honest Install, locally based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, can prewire your home, and then also build your home automation system from scratch utilizing a one-touch solution. We specialize in built-in-wall iPad controllers utilizing an RTi system, with an in-wall charging supply and docking station, but which are also portable for modern, on-the-go convenience. Programmed controllers can be customized by Honest Install to carry a slew of options, and we service prewiring, smart home automation, and any audio/video need for all of D/FW.


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Photo credit: Honest Install